Storm Catcher

The Storm Catcher is a recent development in hurricane protection. A lightweight geo-synthetic material. Storm Catcher is fast and easy to install and stores easily in its compact storage bag. Reinforced with thousands of woven fibers per square inch in each direction, it is ideal for protecting large openings such as lanais, porches and entrance ways from storm damage.

Storm Catcher is impact rated (Florida Building Code – impact) and approved for use in our coastal areas. It is acknowledged by all insurance companies and municipalities as premium storm protection.

Storm Catcher Grommet are panels of Storm Catcher material designed specifically to fit the openings of your home or business. They are mounted using stainless studs (panelmates) or flush mount bolts and can be combined with straps to provide a firm attachment to your home. They are extremely flexible in design, can wrap around poles or fit over architectural openings.

When used in a lanai or porch setting, all windows and doors behind the Storm Catcher panel are protected. You gain a storm garage for your furniture, plants and protect all openings behind the Storm Catcher panel.

Storm Catcher Roll Down; a flexible storm protection system that can be used year round. Storm Catcher material configured in a classic roll down configuration, it allows the panels to be rolled down at your leisure for protection from storms or weather during any time of the season. For the first time you can invest in storm protection and gain year round value from your investment. It’s perfect for lanai and porch environments, it will allow you to lower the panels during inclement weather, or during the baking sunlight hours to gain more comfortable use of your lanai or porch.

Storm Catcher is translucent, you can see through the material when deployed. This keeps the sense of your porch or lanai open even when protected by the panels. It will block the wind, rain and let you enjoy outdoor living for more days per year. Available in a selection of panel colors to match the esthetics of your home.

Storm Catcher comes with a 10 year warranty; your investment is protected giving you years of trouble free enjoyment and protection.

Bring your current opening sizes in to the shop, let us show you our Storm Catcher products and give you a quote. Our showroom has working examples of Storm Catcher Roll down and grommet mount panels.