Custom Made vs Off The Rack Windows


When you are shopping for replacement windows it’s quite likely you’ll pay a visit to one of the big box stores and they’ll have windows on the shelf that you can buy right there and then but don’t think that you are taking the easy route by doing so. Unless you are buying windows for a new construction project it’s very unlikely that the box store windows will fit correctly. You’ll end up altering your home to make it fit. Go and visit an independent window and door company preferably one who has a selection of different brands popular in Florida. Ask them to measure the openings in your home and price you for windows that will fit correctly and with the minimum disruption to your home. You’ll be surprised how competitive independent window and door dealers can be – the big box stores are not always cheapest. You’ll also get good advice from people who do nothing but recommend windows and doors all day every day, not always so in a big box store. And don’t worry about high pressure or bait and switch sales practices, reputable replacement window and door companies have no place for those tactics.

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