HPW Windows and Doors HPW can provide the best names in impact and conventional doors:

  • Plastpro impact doors, French, Entry and Patio doors
  • Neuma impact doors, elegant French, Entry and Patio doors.
  • Silverline sliding glass doors.
  • ViWintech sliding glass doors
  • PGT Sliding glass doors

Impact & Conventional Door features:

The HPW offers a wide selection of name brand all composite doors in a new modern showroom, with factory direct purchasing power to provide you the highest value in window products. Impact doors offer visually appealing solutions that can increase the value of your home, while decreasing your cost of insurance and reducing your home cooling costs. Available in many designs and a wide variety of decorative glass, they complement the aesthetics of your home. Fully approved by your insurance agency, our doors have excellent warranties, and reduce the risk of water intrusion during storms. As an added bonus you won’t believe how quiet your home will be.

  • Energy efficiency: Modern impact doors offer excellent insulation from the outside temperatures in much the same way that insulation in your walls and attic shield you from outside temperatures.

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    A combination of composite frames and multi-glass panel, argon filled air gap designs provide further insulation to protect you from outside temperatures. Heat can also enter your home as solar energy (infrared energy) from the sun as it beams through the glass in your doors. LowE coatings applied to the glass reflect the infrared energy and stop the heat that you typically feel when you stand in front of a sunny window. The combination of energy efficient design and LowE coatings will block up to 80% of heat penetration in your home. Your air conditioner will work less to keep your home cool, saving you up to 50% of your air conditioning bill.
  • Safety and security: Impact doors provide safety and security 24 hours a day.

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    Whether you travel in the summer and worry about the security of your home or simply want the comfort of impenetrable windows when you sleep, impact doors provide much more value than simple storm protection.
  • Impact Strength: There two levels of impact testing in the State of Florida.

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    Florida Building Code Impact and Florida Building Code Impact – HVHZ. The later (HVHZ) is required for Miami-Dade County installations. With our specialty in impact protection, we are the largest HVHZ impact door center in Brevard. HVHZ impact ratings, result in stronger glass and frames. The HPW team works hard to win your business and with our factory direct purchasing your prices are the same as many non-HVHZ rated doors.
  • You won’t believe how quite your home will be with Impact windows: The combination of composite frames, dual pane glass and the addition of the impact layer reduces outside noise by as much as 50%.

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    Our customer routinely comment that they are hearing noises in their home that they’ve never hear before.
  • Blocks ultra-violet light: The inter-liner on the impact glass, blocks 98% of ultra violet light.

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    Now you don’t have to worry about the color fading in your upholstery and flooring in front of your doors.
  • Painted or Stained: Doors can be painted with normal exterior finishes, or stained with specialized wood grain staining kits.

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    Finishes come in smooth and woodgrain and with some models of doors, the exterior finish can be ordered from the factory.
  • French, Entry with sidelights, and Patio doors: Our large variety of models allow you to select the style and design of door that best compliment the aesthetics of your home.

Impact Doors

Instructions for painting and staining fiberglass doors can be found through the following links:

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