The following is one of many reasons you can trust our company to remodel your home: This home remodel consisted of cutting out walls and installing new lintels (headers) to install doors. We installed top of the line Neuma doors and vinyl custom windows, all impact rated. We installed all new products to bring the home up to date, not just for impact but also energy efficiency. Between the height of the windows, odd shapes, arches and more, the difficulty level for this house was a 5 out of 5. The owner said there is a drastic difference between the old and new windows in looks and performance and was extremely satisfied. This home was a true test of our company as we got hit with a hurricane before completion and still finished the project. It’s not whether a company is faced with issues, it is how they handle them that shows their true customer service.

North Shannon Ave Indialantic Windows and Doors Before Gallery

North Shannon Ave Indialantic Windows and Doors After Gallery

Indialantic House Windows and Doors

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